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Elite Solar is located in Joplin, Mo, with clients nationwide. We strive to provide the highest and cleanest source of solar powered energy for your home or business. Learn more about how we can change the future one panel at a time. 

We Have One Goal


Our goal of sustainability can be applied to both Earth and our communities. That’s why we believe in long-lasting, financially-conscious, quality systems that will be around for a lifetime.

If a system is energy efficient, but has to be replaced every few years using new materials, how is that sustainable or affordable? We believe, sustainability is a system that will serve both you and our planet long-term. 

A solar panel system is a mutually beneficial relationship that requires little to no maintenance over time. Solar panel usage is a simple way of saying thank you to the Earth we care so much about.

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Our Discovery

Sustainability should not be financially dependent.

In a perfect world, everyone would make sustainable choice every time they were faced with the decision, whether it is commercial or personal. However, we recognize that this is not always a possibility, but what if sustainability was more affordable and accessible? 

Our Mission

Make renewable energy available and affordable to all.

It isn’t enough to provide a system that reduces costs in the long run. We want a system that can be affordable upfront and produce immediate results. That’s why we provide Elite Solar Energy Financing. In-house financing that works to get you the system you want, because solar power should not be a luxury, but a necessity.

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