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At Elite Solar Energy, we design and build solar powered energy systems specialized to meet individual customer needs. Beyond our selection of solar panel systems, we offer expert solar panel installation and cleaning. 

Renewable Energy

Renewable solar powered energy is booming in this current market. As an alternative to fossil fuels, this relatively new form of electricity offers lower emissions of carbon and other types of pollution while proving to be more cost effective.

For decades we have been trying to find a clean, sustainable, affordable replacement for our dependency on fossil fuels. While, we have used many natural resources to generate power; none have proven to be as renewable, clean, and cost effective as solar power.


A permanent source of energy

100% Clean

Zero greenhouse gas emission

Cost Effective

Energy bills will drop instantly

solar panels mounted on house rooftop


Solar Panel Systems

The size of your solar panel system is directly dependent on the average Kilowatts hour (kWh) used in your home. 



Solar Panel Installation

Our dedicated solar panel installation team works to safely install the solar panels safely and efficiently while protecting the integrity and appeal of your property.

solar panel cleaning


Solar Panel Cleaning

The dirtier solar panels are, the less efficient they become. While most solar systems do not require large amounts of maintenance they do need a slight cleaning every so often to remain operating at the highest efficiency

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